Ministry of Health representatives (left to right) Dr. Philip Koroma, Sierra Leone; Eneles Kachule, Malawi; Dr. Lisanu Taddesse, Ethiopia; Dr. Bose Adeniran, Nigeria; Dr. Laetitia Mavinga, DRC; and Dr. Jesca Sabiiti, Uganda participate in the UNCoLSC ACS Technical Working Group on June 14, 2016, in Washington, DC.

Every Preemie—SCALE launches multi-country report on antenatal corticosteroid policy and implementation

In June 2016, the USAID-funded Every Preemie—SCALE project, a consortium of Project Concern International (PCI), Global Alliance to Prevent Prematurity and Stillbirth (GAPPS) and American College of Nurse-Midwives (ACNM), finalized and launched Antenatal Corticosteroids for Women at Risk of Imminent Preterm Birth in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia,...

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Visualising data can stimulate action

Originally published on MamaYe. In a world oversaturated with data it can be hard to know which evidence to pay attention to or where to find the data you need. Static pie charts and line graphs are no longer sufficient in our digital age – we need tools which marry...

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Maternal and Newborn Care in Ethiopia, Nigeria and India

Originally published on IDEAS. IDEAS' Dr Tanya Marchant explores the results of the latest reports What changes have we seen in the delivery of life saving interventions and facility readiness for mothers and newborns in Ethiopia, Gombe State in Nigeria and the state of Uttar Pradesh in India? The latest...

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Biferamunda Mwajuma, midwife at Mukathi health Centre III, Kasese district, Uganda

Without equipment, midwives are like traditional birth attendants

Biferamunda Mwajuma, the only midwife at the Mukathi Health Center III, Kasese district, works seven days a week delivering up to 12 babies per month. “When I am off duty, the nurses have to refer mothers to other health facilities, especially if they anticipate complications,” she says. One of Mwajuma’s...

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