Addressing Critical Knowledge Gaps in Newborn Health


By Dr. Ernestina Coast on March 25, 2015

Whilst much of the identified literature states a clear aim to address cultural factors, studies often provide insufficient detail about how exactly the interventions addressed these cultural factors

By Heidi Eldridge on March 23, 2015
United Kingdom

MAMA Academy was set up in 2012 to help more babies arrive safely as the United Kingdom has one of the highest stillbirth rates in the developed world.

By Patricia Norimarna on March 19, 2015

The civil society presented six points of recommendation to the Indonesian Government that would be taken to the global Citizens’ Hearing planned at the World Health Assembly.

By Tom Furtwangler on March 16, 2015

The inspiration for these devices came, as it often does, from stories of newborn lives that had been saved with improvised, cobbled-together bubble CPAP solutions built by clinicians who were short on resources and long on ingenuity