Addressing Critical Knowledge Gaps in Newborn Health

Save the Children's EVERY ONE Midwife Award

Birth is the time when the risk of death is greatest. Globally almost one million unnecessary neonatal deaths occur at the time of birth each year, as well as an additional one million intrapartum stillbirths and 350,000 maternal deaths. All these deaths occur just when new life is expected – a total of over 2 million birth-related deaths globally each year, mostly in low income countries. Reducing these deaths is crucial to meeting the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) for child survival (MDG 4) and maternal health (MDG 5). Many countries could accelerate MDG progress with more investment on care at birth. More midwives as well as essential equipment and skills are critical.

The International Confederation of Midwives (ICM) and the Society of Midwives of South Africa (SOMSA) are pleased to be hosting the ICM 29th Triennial Congress in Durban, South Africa in 19-23 June 2011.The theme of the Congress, Midwives Tackling the Big Five Globally, addresses the five leading causes of maternal death and morbidity in low-resource settings. Many of these causes are directly linked to newborn deaths and to stillbirths. By examining the health of women and their babies, this Congress provides an opportunity for midwives to make a major contribution to achieving MDGs 4 and 5, ensuring the well being of the world’s mothers and their newborns.

There is a shortage of midwives internationally and particularly in Africa. Midwives provide the majority of immediate care to newborns born in facilities, often despite a lack of specific support or training for newborn care. Too often midwives work hard, against the odds and receive little recognition.

ICM together with Save the Children would like to identify and reward two midwives who have been champions for newborn survival. This is the third occasion that Save the Children has made this global award. The first winner was from Ethiopia and the second winners were from Malawi and South Africa – these exceptional women promoted change at scale against the odds

This year the awards will be given on behalf of EVERY ONE, Save the Children’s global campaign to save children’s lives, and Save the Children’s Saving Newborn Lives program (SNL), supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Save the Children tackles the most common causes of newborn and child deaths and is building a movement in over sixty countries to support action to save children’s lives and urge leaders to live up to their promises to children. To stop needless deaths of newborn babies and children and achieve the fourth Millennium Development Goal, Save the Children recognizes that there needs to be a health worker within reach of every vulnerable child, who is trained, equipped and supported to deal successfully with the principal threats to that child’s survival through the first five years of life.


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