At Women Deliver, a Debate on Clean Birth Kits

Just how effective are clean birth kits?   Do they make home births safer, or do they deter women from seeking skilled care at health facilities? 

Come hear what the experts have to say at the Delivery Kits session at Women Deliver on June 8th,   when Claudia Morrissey, Wendy Graham, Haris Ahmed and Richard Horton will summarize the evidence base, discuss field experiences, and conduct a lively debate –complete with audience  voting–on clean birth kits.

Session 233: Delivery Kits
Tuesday June 8, 3:15-4:15pm, ROOM #156
CHAIR: Claudia Morrissey, Save the Children/Saving Newborn Lives
MODERATOR: Richard Horton,   Editor-in-Chief, The Lancet
Wendy Graham, Immpact, University of Aberdeen
Haris Ahmed, PAIMAN, Pakistan 

Take part in the debate by filling out this brief survey.   Your opinion will help the maternal and newborn health community better understand clean birth kits.

Check back after Women Deliver to hear about the outcome of the clean birth kit debate.

Download the policy brief: Clean Birth Kits – Potential to Deliver? Evidence, Experience, Estimated lives saved and cost

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