Chlorhexidine for umbilical cord care: A best buy for newborn health

Photo: Monika Gutestam/Save the Children

Chlorhexidine for umbilical cord care continues to stand out as a best buy for newborn health in regions where newborn infections are common. With the launch of a successful, integrated cord care program in Nepal, publication of effectiveness data in The Lancet, increased attention from the WHO and inclusion in the UN Commission for Life Saving Commodities, more and more countries and implementation organizations are taking note of the opportunity to use chlorhexidine to save newborn lives.

In an effort to accelerate adoption around the world, more than 15 organizations have formed the Chlorhexidine Working Group. As part of this effort, the group has compiled an online technical resource to assist programs with sample advocacy documents, links to the evidence base, FAQs, tools to help customize the product offerings to what users want, guidelines for local production, etc.

The current compilation of those materials in online along with more information about the working group at:  


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