Consultancy: Website Designer – Digitizing the Newborn Health in Humanitarian Settings Field Guide

Digitizing NBFG Web Designer Terms of Reference

Background of the project 

In recent years, global maternal and newborn health experts have led the development of numerous technical and operational guidelines to advance the field of maternal and newborn health (MNH) in humanitarian settings, including the Newborn Health in Humanitarian Settings: Field Guide (NBFG) and associated newborn supply kits as companions to the 2018 Interagency Field Manual on Reproductive Health in Humanitarian Settings (IAFM) and reproductive health kits. While the development and implementation of these tools has increased attention to and funding for newborn health care in these settings, a lot remains to be done to ensure the systematic delivery of high-quality care for the mother-newborn dyad.

The NBFG is available in four languages and has been printed and disseminated by implementing agencies within several countries. The guide is only really accessible in print and through a URL link, and is not particularly user-friendly for humanitarian responders as a 200-page PDF. In addition, the MNH field is a rapidly changing one, with new guidance and tools being released regularly. These complementary resources should be made easily accessible and adaptable for program managers that are using the NBFG, but to date, no central location exists through which all of these resources can be accessed and contextualized.

There is a need to digitize the NBFG, similar to that of the IAFM ( Creating such a site will: allow the content to be more easily navigated; ease the process for updating and revising content in the future; ensure complementary resources can be linked as appropriate and more easily accessed by users; and ideally allow for better accessibility through mobile and other digital technologies. Dynamic content includes case studies from different stakeholders, and extensive list of resources and references, related technical guidelines that can be frequently updated, and more.

Proposed Dates

October 1, 2021 – March 28, 2022


Develop a digital and interactive version of the NBFG that is easy to access, search, and use in the field.

Scope of work

A consultant has been hired to develop the content for a digital hub for the NBFG. We are now looking to hire a website designer to actually build the site. Our audience members work in a variety of settings, from in the field to offices located internationally. It is important to keep the following in mind:

  • Mobile-First Design – A large portion of audience members may not have a desktop or laptop available to them in the field or during travel. They will be accessing the NBFG primarily on their mobile devices.
  • Optimized – In the field, there is often limited access to internet and cellular service can be unreliable. Users need to be able to easily download or reference resources available through the IAFM, often during a time-sensitive situation.
  • Ease of Use – Users will often be searching for specific content during time-sensitive situations. The ability to search, filter, see most-commonly referenced, and potentially save/star most-used is important.
  • Future revisions – All related content may not be available at the time of publication, so template should provide a space to add later. These will often be viewed on mobile, so stacking order should be considered.

The designer will work with the technical consultant and a core team of representatives from various Working Groups to agree upon final content. This core team will serve as a steering committee, and will review and approve plans. 

Site Specifications

  • Technical requirements:
    • Must use CMS – most likely WordPress but not confirmed
    • Mobile optimized for limited bandwidth/WiFi
    • Site must be enabled for: Search, filter, and to find commonly referenced tools
    • Potentially: option to login and save your favorites
    • WCAG 2.0 compliant
    • We will discuss domain, but ideally will live on domain
    • Browser support for Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE, etc.
    • Accessibility: to the fullest extent possible, the site should be accessible in accordance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) of the World Wide Web Consortium Web Accessibility Initiative (
  • A mobile application may be considered in future phase. While it will not be included in the website production, we may ask for estimated cost of translating these requirements to an app.
  • Multi-lingual – to begin the site will be in English but in the future, we may be able to build out the site for the other four languages of the NBFG. Ideally this consultant could advise on this process time and funding allows.


  • Two mockups of design for review
  • Final templates for key pages (landing page; NBFG web pages, with option to download PDF and optional related content; references; additional resources; case studies)
  • Lead and run a 2–3-week period of beta testing to fix potential bugs ahead of site launch
  • Final published site to be launched no later than 31 March 2022

Payment Rate and Schedule

Payments will be paid in 3 bi-monthly disbursements, based on time invoiced. Costs related to domain/hosting site will be managed separately.


  • Experience with HTML, Javascript, and CSS
  • Portfolio of strong creative work, with similar type projects
  • Demonstrated ability to take a project from concept to launch
  • Excellent time-management skills
  • Ability to deliver production-ready digital assets in a wide variety of formats
  • Awareness of UI/UX principles
  • Excellent English written and verbal communication skills
  • Attention to detail with a high degree of accuracy

To apply, please send your CV, a cover letter/letter of interest, and estimated budget/rate to by 29 September 2021.



About the Author

The IAWG Newborn Initiative (INI) was established in 2020 to accelerate global preparedness and response to deliver high quality (maternal and) newborn health care, and to improve newborn health and well-being in humanitarian and fragile settings. The INI has a mandate to hold the global community accountable to progressing the priorities agreed upon within the multi-sectoral Roadmap to Accelerate Progress for Every Newborn in Humanitarian Settings 2020-2024. 

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