Every Newborn Country Consultation: Uganda (23 June 2013 ¦ Kampala, Uganda)

The first country consultation for Every Newborn, held in Uganda in June, brought together more than 45 participants representing the national Ministry of Health, training institutions, professional associations, development partners and district representatives. Convened by the Ministry of Health with support from Save the Children and UNICEF, it was an opportunity for participants to learn about the global Every Newborn movement and provide input based on the bottleneck analysis.

The consultation which was opened by Dr Miriam Sentengo on behalf of the Ministry of Health, also served as a pre-test for the newborn bottleneck analysis tool. During the session, participants had the opportunity to complete various sections of the tool and were assigned to groups based on their knowledge and experience in 6 thematic area:

  1. Preterm/ low-birth weight
  2. Normal delivery (including management of asphyxia)
  3. Managing complications of childbirth the postnatal period
  4. Normal postnatal care (immediate and beyond)
  5. Prevention and Treatment of Infection
  6. Group 6 – Cross-cutting and systems-related issues

The groups which included facilitator, a note taker and a rapporteur were invited to share findings with the larger group during a report out session. The findings of the bottleneck analysis are being used to inform the country’s sharpened RMNCH plan which is being prepared for Uganda’s Promise Renewed launch in October 2013.

The final part of the consultation was allotted to participants to discuss a way forward for the plan. However, given time constraints, it was agreed that a smaller group would be convened to review and provide more input. The draft Every Newborn plan was presented to the National Newborn Steering Committee on 29 July and feedback was provided to the global Every Newborn core group with sign off from the Ministry of Health’s Maternal and Child Health cluster.


  1. Uganda Every Newborn consultation: Bottleneck Analysis – Andrew Balyeku
  2. Country Consultation Overview – Dr Steve Hodgins
  3. Every Newborn in context of Global Initiatives – Hanifah Sengendo
  4. Overview of Every Newborn action plan – Joy Riggs-Perla

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