Every Newborn to have its day at the 67th World Health Assembly (19-24 May, 2014 ¦ Geneva, Switzerland)

19- 24 May, 2014¦ Geneva, Switzerland

Delegates are gathering for the 67th World Health Assembly which convenes today, with discussions focused on a number of critical topics including climate change, health technology, noncommunicable diseases and newborn health.

Key to the Maternal, newborn and child health community will be the discussion of agenda item 14.2 —The Every Newborn: An Action Plan to End Preventable Deaths. The draft Every Newborn plan is a major partner-based effort, which has been developed over the past year through the expert input of national, regional and global partners, convened by UNICEF and WHO in a broad-based, multi-stakeholder process.

Delegates at the WHO Executive Board in January broadly supported the development of the plan, and many welcomed the objectives of the plan and a global consultation process among all stakeholders on the draft that was presented.

Advocates for the action plan will be hoping that this broad support translates into endorsement of the plan when it is presented to the Assembly this week.

Key events related to the Every Newborn Action Plan during the World Health Assembly include:

  •  A technical noontime briefing in Salle XII on Tuesday 20 May, 12:30-2:15, which will include comments by WHO Director General Margaret Chan and Melinda Gates, as well as a facilitated panel discussion with ministers from Cambodia, Nepal, Zambia, and senior representation from the US.
  •  A breakfast for ministers, hosted by the Partnership for Maternal, Newborn & Child Health together with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation on Tuesday. This will be an informal breakfast discussion with ministers ahead of the plenary discussion on the Every Newborn Action Plan.
  •  A community engagement breakfast, Wednesday 21 May, hosted by Canada and Cameroon. This event is meant to complement other Every Newborn events with a focus on action at community level.  This meeting is also supported by the USA, PMNCH, PATH, Save the Children and World Vision International.

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