Knitting to save newborn lives (19 June, 2014 ¦ Geneva, Switzerland)

19 June, 2014 ¦ Geneva, Switzerland

Each year 1 million babies die on their first day of life and sadly, many of these deaths are preventable. To raise awareness of this and actions needed to ensure safe birth, on 19 June, Save the Children in Geneva and around the world hosted a global knit-in.

A group of more than 22 experienced and novice knitters gathered at the Save the Children offices to knit colourful squares for the cause. Chantal Baumgarten for Save the Children in her welcoming address, called the event “a symbol of the world’s solidarity and support for newborns and mothers”. She went on to give a brief overview of the Every Newborn Action Plan, its endorsement by the 194 countries at the World Health Assembly and the call to action for governments and all stakeholders to make commitments to saving newborn lives.

Each of the squares knitted at this event will be stitched together into a large blanket which will be sent to Johannesburg to woven with all the other blankets, from all the global “knit-in” cities into one large baby blanket in honour of all mothers and newborns.

From the 2014 Partners’ Forum in Johannesburg, the blanket will travel to major political events and health conferences to urge leaders to make progress on saving the lives of mothers and newborns.
The Every Newborn Action Plan will be launched at the Partners’ Forum in Johannesburg and is a roadmap for change. The plan brings together the latest evidence on effective interventions to set a clear vision for how to improve newborn health and prevent stillbirths by 2035. The plan focuses on ensuring that all women and children receive quality care around the time of birth and that special care is provided to the most vulnerable newborns, those that are small and sick.

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