Introducing the new MaMoni HSS website

By Shamim Ahsan Khan, Senior Manager – Strategic Communication, Maternal and Child Health Integrated Program (MCHIP), Save the Children in Bangladesh

I am excited to introduce you to the brand new MaMoni Health Systems Strengthening (MaMoni HSS) Project’s website. It went live in the last week of April, 2016.  The idea behind the website is to basically offer you a big picture view of the project and keep you abreast of the happening around the project. Here is what you can expect from it.

On the home page you would be greeted with some wonderful images flashing by one after another.  Follow the pictures and you would have a sense of what the project is about. This is, of course, meant just to instigate your curiosity – to satisfy your curiosity you need to click on ‘Our Work’ on the menu bar. Scroll down and across to take a tour around the pages.  The project approach is explained. Then comes the major interventions captured in a table to offer the visitor a complete picture at a glance.

What follows is description around different thematic components covered by the project. So you come across titles like ‘maternal health’, ‘child health’, ‘family planning’, ‘local government engagement’, ‘routine health information system’, just to name a few. Here you can find out how MaMoni HSS project is contributing to these areas to ultimately strengthen the health system. While the narration is essentially centered on the project, you can expect to gain insights into Bangladesh’s health systems, its strength and limitations as well as the state of maternal and child health care in the district level and below.

Another section that you are likely to find useful is the ‘Resources’ page. Apart from the training manual, job aid, guidelines and Information, Education and Communication (IEC) materials that the project developed or supported the government to develop, there are some presentations and posters developed and shared by project staff.

Move a little left along the menu bar and you are at the ‘news and stories’ section. The news part is meant to keep our audiences updated about the important developments and events of the project. The stories are attempts to illustrate how the MaMoni HSS project is transforming Bangladesh’s health system as well as improving lives of mothers and children. Here you can expect to find stories about the turning around of a dilapidated health facility because of a Union Parishad chairman’s initiatives, or of a pregnant woman saved from eclampsia by a service provider trained by the project or a 16-day old baby successfully treated of infection at a union level facility.

The MaMoni HSS project is past its half-way mark. In the course of more than two years of implementing the project we have gained some experiences and learning. Through this website we want to connect with our audiences spread across the globe, share those experiences and learn from each other.

So, what are you waiting for? You are just a click away from the site, Go for it.

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