Getting Newborn Resuscitation Right—You Need the Skills AND the Tools

By Farid Atiqzai and Sheena Currie Zir Chinar Kham, Afghanistan—In Ghutai’s third home delivery, her newborn struggled to breathe and died before help could be found. When the Afghan mother of two went into labor with her next child, she was determined that the outcome would be different. With the...

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Mali: Babies born too soon can survive and thrive

By Fatoumata Namandou Traore and Nathalie Gamache At 23, Fatoumata Coulibaly, a mother of two, added to her family when she gave birth to twins at the community health center of Didieni, Mali, in April 2017. Born in this rural village, 40km from a district hospital and 180km from the...

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Mom breastfeeding

Time to identify women exposed to intimate partner violence in antenatal settings

By Dr Rishi Caleyachetty Up till now, research on the health impact of intimate partner violence (IPV) has primarily focused on gynaecological and sexual health outcomes (e.g., unwanted and unplanned pregnancies, miscarriages, sexually transmitted diseases and HIV infection), psychiatric disorders (e.g., depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety) (1) and substance...

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