Kangaroo Mother Care – Saving Lives of Premature Newborns

A blog by USAID’s MaMoni Maternal and Newborn Care Strengthening Project (MaMoni MNCSP) in Bangladesh.  “I was a little shocked and scared to see my baby so small and fragile. I did not think it would survive,” said Rina Khatun, mother of a newborn weighing only 1,400 grams at birth. The...

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Ms. Annes Mboya and her colleagues providing breastfeeding counseling to a mother, Kakuma Refugee Camp

“We end up losing babies for reasons we can easily prevent.”

Insights from Annes Mboya, nurse-midwife at Kakuma Refugee Camp By Annes Mboya, Nurse-Midwife, IRC; Andrea Edman, Advocacy & Communications Specialist, IAWG Newborn Initiative When a woman comes to the hospital walking, they should go home walking. If they came to the hospital with a baby in their tummy that was...

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A novel mobile phone-based interactive e-learning course for neonatal care

Background Innovations in technology have revolutionised almost every aspect of life, and health care and medical education are no exception. Online learning (or e-learning) is a perfect panacea for the current times, with its easy access, affordability, flexibility, and learning pedagogy. [1] However, students often find online learning boring and...

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