Photo of the Week: Honoring Ebola Heath Workers

Health workers like Kebeh are everyday heroes though they almost never receive recognition for the lifesaving and inspiring work that they do. It took a tragedy like the Ebola epidemic for the world to realize the invaluable contribution that midwives, nurses, doctors and the like provide communities all around the world on a daily basis.

It’s considerably more special given the enormous risks thousands of them across Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone are taking to treat Ebola patients and putting themselves at risk of catching the disease. It is reported that nearly 850 health care professionals have been infected and 500 have died.

The recent 136th Executive Board session of the World Health Organization held a special session on Ebola with several frontline health workers giving remarks about their experiences treating patients. The hard work is far from over and health workers will continue doing what they always do, work to serve their patients.

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