Russian NGO launches mHealth infertility support program

The Health and Development Foundation launched a new nationwide mHealth program in Russia, IVF/ART School, for clients undergoing assisted reproductive technology treatment January 21 in Moscow at the Federal Kulakov Center for Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Perinatology.

This initiative is aimed at informing and supporting women and their families undergoing infertility treatment through an innovative combination of traditional and mHealth approaches. IVF/ART School will reach its core audience through a multi-tiered approach including offline seminars with reproductive health specialists at clinics; social networks, a program site, and regular webinars online; and text messages to participants’ mobile phones. This comprehensive approach will enable us to maintain a strong connection with our target audience, each component informing and reinforcing program messages, and provide them with multiple chances for interaction with peers and experts.

HDF developed the program through collaboration with the Kulakov Center, the Russian Ministry of Health, and the Russian Association of Human Reproduction, a professional organization of reproductive technology specialists. The program received financial support from MSD Pharmaceuticals.

IVF/ART School is the second national reproductive health program implemented by HDF to use mobile technology and eHealth resources; in February 2012, the foundation launched Text4baby Russia.

Text4baby Russia, adapted from the successful U.S. program text4baby, provides new and expectant mothers with information on caring for their own health and the health of their children through free text messages to their mobile phones. Women can also take part in free interactive webinars with experts to get more in-depth information on program topics like nutrition, breastfeeding, smoking cessation, legal rights, developmental milestones, and more.

These free programs are designed to work well together, as women who have undergone successful IVF/ART treatments can then become subscribers to Text4baby Russia, and continue to receive useful, expert support and information throughout their pregnancy and the first year of their babies’ lives.


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