Telling your story: Transforming care for small and sick newborns

Do you have a story to share about transforming care for small and sick newborns? Share your story here! This HNN blog series serves as a platform to share stories of success and challenges in caring for small and sick newborns in low-resource settings. Send a 300-600-word blog about your experience or research to

Telling Your Story Collection

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About the blog series

This blog series has been initiated as part of a wider effort to elevate the importance of transforming care for small and sick newborns. Achieving the global average SDG target of ending preventable neonatal mortality of 12 deaths per 1,000 livebirths by 2030, will require expanding provision of care to reach all newborns. Unfortunately, we will not meet SDG3 for good health and well-being unless we transform care for every newborn, including the most vulnerable – the small and sick. These are infants who are born too soon, too small, or who become sick and who have highest risk of death and disability.

Small and sick newborns will survive and thrive as future productive members of our society if we take action. With strategic partnerships, technologies, and innovative approaches, we can transform all aspects of neonatal care, from its availability to its affordability.

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