The Every Newborn Action Plan now open for consultation: Have your say

This blog was originally published by PMNCH. Written by Carole Presern.

Last week at the WHO Executive Board, Member States and partners cheered on the development of Every Newborn: An Action Plan to End Preventable Deaths, bringing a fresh wind to the Every Woman Every Child effort to improve reproductive, maternal, newborn and child health. Many delegates raised their hands to support the objectives of the plan, and to welcome a global consultation process among all stakeholders on the current draft. The plan will be presented for consideration by all 194 Member States at the World Health Assembly this May in Geneva.

I encourage everyone to join the consultation, which opens today and runs through Friday 28 February. Comments can be shared through the online consultation platform. Every comment received will be considered carefully in the final drafting of the plan.

You can also send comments via email

Over the past year, PMNCH has been a key partner in the development of Every Newborn. PMNCH has led the Every Newborn advocacy movement by building on the contributions of all Every Woman Every Child partners, including A Promise Renewed and the Born Too Soon partners, who have made World Prematurity Day such a rousing success.

Come June, Every Newborn will be launched at the Partners’ Forum in Johannesburg, co-hosted by PMNCH, UNICEF and USAID for A Promise Renewed, Countdown to 2015 and the independent Expert Review Group.

Newborn deaths now account for nearly half of all deaths of children under age 5 (44%) and are declining at less than 2% per year. Meanwhile, the appalling number of stillbirths each year (2.6 million) has barely budged. We can and must do more to improve quality of care at the critical time of birth, when so many gains can be achieved for women and for newborns.

So, let’s hear from all of you on what you can do to support the effort.

Here are some key links to help you get involved in this growing movement for action:

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