Atabo (32 years old) holds baby Maximilla (1 month old) at the paediatric ward at Lodwar county referral hospital. Atabo (32 years old) took baby Maximilla (1 month old) to Lodwar county referral hospital 10 days ago; her baby was born prematurely and is suffering from severe malnutrition and pneumonia. They came from Turkana East sub-county, 150 km from Lodwar. Atabo has 2 more children. Her husband was killed while she was pregnant. Maximilla had a twin brother (Ekuru) who died from malnutrition and other health complications 5 days after birth. Lodwar, Turkana Central sub-county, Kenya. Atabo's interview transcript: Two… I have two children and my name is Atabo Lokarach. My hut is in a bad condition. If it rains I am equal to the person who has no shelter. Because it is raining everywhere at the moment I am used to just staying in the rain. This child had a twin but the twin died… it died due to persistent drought, which meant I couldn’t get enough food to produce breast milk. I gave birth safely but the problems started after birth. Should I start with rain issue or the problem that caused death of one of my twins… okay, for the case of children it is illness that caused death of one twin after birth and I gave birth at home… I gave birth at home. After giving birth at home, one of the twins died after one week, it died on a Saturday. With the rain, the major challenge is my homestead… hut, even the father of this twins… he is not the same father to my older son and that makes a total of two living children… I am done with that point. With my illness, I have huge headaches even when I sleep on a bed like this. I get myself fallen down leading this kid alone thus unless there is another person to carry it. It is our common illness of Turkana people that needs treatment by different people… am done. It was a stomach problem, it caused a wound in the umbilical cord making in unable to breastfeed thus I tried animal milk as an option but at last

UN high-level meeting: time to act on universal health coverage

We are restless for change. UHC2030 is a multi-stakeholder platform that aims to strengthen the global movement for universal health coverage (UHC), and we are calling for urgent action. As stakeholders from governments, civil society, the private sector, development partners, academia, and the media, we are pushing for all countries to implement UHC as fast as possible.

When all 193 member states of the UN agreed on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2015, they set out an ambitious agenda for a safer, fairer, and healthier world by 2030. UHC is a target of SDG 3, but UHC is not only about health; it has far-reaching effects across economies and societies in general.

On Sept 23, 2019, a UN high-level meeting will take place, with the theme of UHC: Moving Together to Build a Healthier World. This meeting is the last chance before 2023, the midpoint of the SDGs, to mobilise the highest political support to bring the health agenda under the umbrella of UHC, and to sustain harmonised health investments.

The UN High-Level Meeting must be truly transformative, as called for by civil society. UHC2030 has developed a set of key asks from the UHC movementthrough a broad consultative process. We propose an agenda for the UN High-Level Meeting political declaration, with milestones for achieving UHC by 2030. Across these recommendations, we urge political leaders to recommit to gender equality, redress gender power dynamics, and uphold women’s and girls’ rights, all of which are foundational principles for UHC.

Key asks from the universal health coverage movement

  • Ask 1: ensure political leadership beyond health; commit to achieve universal health coverage for healthy lives and wellbeing for all at all stages, as a social contract
  • Ask 2: leave no one behind; pursue equity in access to quality health services with financial protection
  • Ask 3: regulate and legislate; create a strong, enabling regulatory and legal environment responsive to people’s needs
  • Ask 4: uphold quality of care; build quality health systems that people and communities trust
  • Ask 5: invest more, invest better; sustain public financing and harmonise health investments
  • Ask 6: move together; establish multi-stakeholder mechanisms for engaging the whole of society for a healthier world

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