Video as a Tool for Training Health Workers – The Global Health Media Project

Global Health Media Project is pleased to announce that our first ten videos on newborn care best practices are now available on our website ( Frontline health workers in primary and district level facilities will likely benefit most from these films, which are useful in all phases of training.

The videos provide clear step-by-step instruction on newborn care that is easy to understand and put into action. They were filmed in Nigeria (with USAID/MCHIP support), the Dominican Republic, and India.

The following topics are covered in the videos: Basic Skills; Setting up an IV Line; Newborn Physical Exam; Inserting an IV; Referring a Sick Baby; Taking a Heel Blood Sample; Inserting a Gastric Tube; Breathing Problems; Feeding with a Gastric Tube; Umbilical Infections.

There is strong interest and demand for visual guidance on how to care for newborns. Only a few weeks after their release, the videos have been watched in over 90 countries and hundreds of copies have been downloaded by Health Ministries, hospitals, universities, and large NGO’s. The films are available free-of-charge for use in low-resource settings through our Creative Commons license. They are formatted for two download options: a mobile phone version (smaller file size with lower resolution) and a laptop/tablet version (medium size and resolution).

A Spanish voice-over is planned during the next few months. We also hope to pilot a condensed version of some of the videos as a refresher sequence. There are 25 additional newborn care videos in the pipeline. We are planning to film soon at a clinical site in Asia in keeping with our strategy to internationalize the series. We are seeking opportunities for partnerships for the remaining newborn care videos and later for other important topics such as maternal care, family planning, infection

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