West and Central Africa Regional Every Newborn workshop (9-11 July, 2013 ¦ Dakar, Senegal)

Call to Action on maternal and Child Health

The first regional consultation for Every Newborn occurred in a three-day consultative meeting in Dakar, Senegal from 9-11 July 2013. Convened by UNICEF, WHO and other partners, the meeting was a follow-up action from the Global Newborn Health Conference. It brought together teams from eight West and Central African countries including Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Republic of Congo, Cameroun, Niger, Ghana and Senegal. There were over 80 participants, technical experts, representatives from Ministries of Health, UNICEF and WHO, as well as individuals from Malawi and Burkina Faso.

During the workshop, which was opened by UNICEF Regional Director Manuel Fontaine , the draft of Every Newborn action plan was presented and participants were able to input and contribute to its development. Countries discussed how they can use the elements of Every Newborn, including the newly developed maternal-newborn bottleneck analysis tool, to identify challenges and solutions to accelerating process for newborn survival.

Each country at the workshop presented immediate next steps including key actions and activities to advance newborn health in three areas:

  1. To provide a forum, e.g. national stakeholder meetings, to identify bottlenecks, challenges and solutions and actions to accelerate the scale up of newborn programmes in national plans;
  2. To review and provide input to the global Every Newborn action plan draft document;
  3. To contribute to the advocacy movement around global, regional and national newborn action and ensure country-level alignment with other key initiatives and political processes






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