9th Council of International Neonatal Nurses Conference

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The Canadian Association of Neonatal Nurses (CANN) is delighted to be hosting the 9th Council of International Neonatal Nurses Conference (COINN 2016)
August 14 to 17, 2016
The Westin Hotel, Vancouver, Canada.

Nurses provide the majority of care to sick newborns in health facilities, yet very few nurses and midwives have the opportunity to specialize in newborn care especially in the highest burden settings. Staffing neonatal units with skilled and dedicated nurses is extremely difficult due to an acute shortage of neonatal nurses. Within low-resource countries, there is a desperate need for champions to promote:

  1. the role neonatal nursing plays in preventing newborn deaths
  2. the need to define national qualifications for neonatal nursing advanced practice
COINN and Save the Children

In 2016, COINN together with Save the Children again has an opportunity to recognise and encourage excellence in neonatal nursing by presenting two nursing excellence awards to nurses working in newborn care in a low- or middle-income country where the burden newborn deaths is highest.

This year’s winners:
kola 160-160
Adeyemo Abass Kola

Zamfara State, Nigeria

Nguyen Thi Minh Hong
Tram Tau, Vietnam

Congratulating message from WHO:

Learn about previous award winners: 
Christine Sammy, Winner, 2013 
Kitui, Kenya
Netsayi Gowero, Runner Up, 2013 
Blantyre, Malawi