Advancing Neonatal Nursing Education in LMIC in Africa: the case for strengthening Neonatal Nursing capacity and emerging experiences

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In celebration of 2020 – Year of the Nurse and Midwife, Project HOPE will highlight the collective work being advanced within partnerships in promoting the development of Neonatal Nursing capacity in low resource settings in Africa with a webinar, Advancing Neonatal Nursing Education in LMIC in Africa: the Case for Strengthening Neonatal Nursing Capacity and Emerging Experiences.

The two-session webinar (about 90 minutes each) is designed for an audience of relevant country governments, other NGOs working in newborn health issues, nurses and midwives interested in this work or who could benefit from such initiatives.

The two sessions present a fuller picture of the status of neonatal nursing in low and middle-income countries, emerging experiences, and thoughts for the way forward. The first session will focus on the need and the strategy by leading organizations, while the second session will bring together implementation perspectives from countries such as Rwanda, Malawi and Sierra Leone with ongoing lessons learned.

Moderated by Dr. Tom Kenyon, Chief Health Officer, Project HOPE, presenting organizations include the Council for International Neonatal Nurses (COINN), COMAHS, Project HOPE, USAID, and the World Health Organization.

Part I – June 23 Recording

Part II – June 30 Recording