International Prenatal Infection Prevention Month

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Group B Strep International’s goal every February is to educate people on how to help prevent prenatal infections. Over and over again, Group B Strep International (GBSI) hears the stories of mothers who have experienced loss caused by infections they had never heard of or that they were told were no big deal. According to one study, up to 24% of stillbirths in developed countries have been attributable to infection. Another study suggests that infection contributes to nearly half of the stillbirths in developing countries.

Many different microorganisms can cause infection in unborn babies, ranging from oral bacteria common in dental plaque to syphilis and those carried by hamsters, ticks and mosquitoes. Unfortunately, many parents are unaware of the knowledge-based strategies to help protect unborn babies from infection. We want to change that.

Click HERE for more downloads and resources including our poster and handout on Healthy Behaviors.