Panel Discussion: The Forgotten Killer

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Please join us on Friday, 12th November 1.00-2.30 BKK time (4:30-6:30pm Singapore Time) to hear from Save the Children in Bangladesh, India, and Indonesia offices, and experts from GAVI, UNICEF and the Every Breath Counts coalition.

Pneumonia remains the world’s leading infectious killer of children today, and whilst it is a preventable and treatable disease, it is still claiming the lives of more than 2,000 children every day. In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic increased strain on already fragile health systems, and disrupted essential routine health and nutrition services, including immunization services, risking unravelling years of progress on child survival. Despite the recent progress in the Asia region on Pneumococcal vaccines (PCV) efforts, a major pillar in the prevention of pneumonia, more efforts are needed to ensure every child is protected from pneumonia. On World Pneumonia Day, Save the Children’s Asia regional office is bringing together a panel of experts to reflect on the biggest wins and greatest challenges related to Pneumococcal vaccines (PCV) efforts in the region, and share some reflections on how we can make up for the time lost due to COVID-19.

This session will:

  • highlight Save the Children’s centenary commitment to tackle pneumonia, and the progress against this commitment, and
  • discuss how to maintain attention on PCV roll out in the context of routine immunization systems. Explore the next steps for achieving PCV coverage aspirations, through multi-stakeholder dialogue with partners, and explore challenges and how they can be overcome.

Speakers include:

  • Selina Sumbung Patta, CEO, Save the Children Indonesia (Moderator)
  • Gwen Hines, CEO, Save the Children UK
  • Sudarshan Suchi, CEO, Save the Children India
  • Onno Van Manen, Country Director, Save the Children in Bangladesh
  • Niklas Danielsson, Senior Immunization Specialist, UNICEF
  • Veronica Denti, Senior Manager, Vaccine Implementation-GAVI, The Vaccine Alliance
  • Leith Greenslade, Coordinator of the Every Breath Counts Coalition