Webinar – Measuring the Content of Postnatal Care for Women: What Do We Know and Where Do We Need to Go?


Join MEASURE Evaluation for a one-hour webinar on September 28 at 9:30am EDT on measuring the content of postnatal care for women. An introduction will be provided by Allisyn Moran, World Health Organization (WHO), and the webinar will be led by Ann Blanc and Katharine McCarthy of the Population Council.

Given that the majority of maternal deaths occur during labor, delivery, and the immediate postnatal period, efforts to increase coverage of postnatal care (PNC) services for women are essential. However, most large-scale surveys ask women if they had a PNC “check”—but not about specific signal functions. Thus, we know very little about specific services women are receiving during PNC checks. When considering what measures of signal functions to add to surveys, there must be a balance between medically essential interventions and interventions that women can accurately recall

During this webinar, the presenters will share findings from their validation studies on PNC coverage indicators. This will be followed by a discussion of next steps and implications for further research.


Ann K. Blanc, PhD
Vice President of Social and Behavioral Science Research at the Population Council @Population Council
Ann K. Blanc, PhD, is vice president of social and behavioral science research at the Population Council. Under her leadership, Population Council is increasing investments in rigorous research on priorities in girls’ education, stigma, and gender inequality in HIV/AIDS, maternal health, resilience and environmental stressors, scale-up of evidence-based programs for adolescent girls, and more.

Katharine McCarthy, MPH
Staff Associate at the Population Council @Population Council
Katharine McCarthy, MPH, is a staff associate at the Population Council, where she is involved in research on gender, adolescence, sexual and reproductive health, and measurement of the coverage of quality maternal and newborn health services.

Allisyn Moran, PhD, MHA
Scientist with the Epidemiology, Monitoring, and Evaluation Team at WHO @WHO
Allisyn Moran, PhD, MHA, is a scientist with the Epidemiology, Monitoring, and Evaluation Team in the Department of Maternal, Newborn, Child and Adolescent Health at WHO. At WHO, she provides technical assistance and support for monitoring and evaluation of maternal and newborn health.