Webinar | Using Human-Centered Design to Drive Digital Excellence to Optimize Newborn Feeding in Kenya and Beyond

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Small and sick newborns and their mothers face unique challenges for optimal newborn nutrition, requiring enhanced lactation and feeding support. Data systems are currently lacking to provide real-time feedback, monitoring, and tracking to troubleshoot and address the special needs of this population. Every minute counts for these vulnerable infants and their mothers.

PATH’s Living Labs team in Kenya and global MNCHN teams partnered with Pumwani Maternity Hospital using a human-centered design process to create a digital application prototype to improve inpatient newborn nutrition and maternal lactation.

Please join us for a webinar to present the ‘Newborn Nutrition Digital Adaptation Kit’, a system for streamlining data collection to optimize decision making and provide real-time feedback.

Please see the attached brief for more information on this approach.