Webinars on COVID-19, newborn and perinatal health issues

Spectrum of COVID-19 in Children- What we know till now

May 29 @ 1500 UTC/GMC/11am EDT/1700 CET

This will include the synthesis of current available evidence of pediatric manifestations of COVID-19 including the recently reported cases of multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children and adolescents with COVID-19 that resembles Kawasaki like illness. Please find the flyer along with YouTube link for the same. Kindly circulate the announcement widely within your teams and networks given the strong interest in this issue.

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Vigilancia Epidemiologica de la Mortalidad Materna por COVID-19 en América Latina y el Caribe

22 de mayo @ 9am PAN/10am CHI/11am URU

Se presentarán la nueva ficha de CLAP/OPS de infecciones respiratorias para mujeres embarazadas, la importancia de la reactivación y fortalecimiento de los sistemas de vigilancia epidemiológica de la mortalidad materna y la centralidad que adquiere mantener el análisis de desigualdades en salud materna durante la pandemia para una mejor toma de decisiones.

Epidemiological Surveillance of Maternal Mortality by COVID-19 in Latin America and the Caribbean

May 22 @ 9am PAN/10am CHI/11am URU

The webinar will discuss the new CLAP/PAHO brief on respiratory infections for pregnant women, highlighting the importance of reactivating and strengthening epidemiological surveillance systems for maternal mortality, and the centrality of maintaining the analysis of inequalities in maternal health during the pandemic.

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LiST modelling of indirect under-five and maternal deaths due to service disruptions during the COVID-19 pandemic

May 18 @ 8am EST

While the direct mortality impact of COVID-19 on children and women of reproductive age appears to be limited, if the provision and utilization of routine health services are disrupted, the indirect increase in child and maternal deaths could be devastating. In a recent study by researchers at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, the Lives Saved Tool (LiST) was used to estimate the potential additional under-five and maternal deaths in 118 low- and middle-income countries (representing almost 98 per cent of global under-five deaths) due to various reductions in routine health service coverage levels. With severe disruptions in lifesaving interventions, over one million additional under-five deaths and more than 56,000 maternal deaths could occur in just six months, according to the study. In this webinar, Tim Roberton, the study’s lead author, will give an overview of the LiST study followed by a brief demonstration of a dashboard presenting the study results at country and regional levels and discussions on the interpretation and use of the findings.

Presenters: Tim Roberton (Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health) – LiST study; Lucia Hug and David Sharrow (Data & Analytics, Division of Data, Analytics, Planning & Monitoring, UNICEF) – country dashboard and explanatory note. Moderators: Danzhen You (Data & Analytics, Division of Data, Analytics, Planning & Monitoring, UNICEF) and Theresa Diaz (Maternal, Newborn, Child and Adolescent Health and Ageing Department, WHO).

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Immunization in the Time of COVID-19: The critical role of community voices in building global resilience against pandemics and maintaining essential services.

May 14 @ 15:00 CET, 14:00 UK time

The COVID-19 pandemic is claiming lives across the globe and causing disruption to the delivery of primary health care services. A critical concern is that the interruption of immunization services poses a major risk for secondary outbreaks of vaccine preventable diseases (VPD). This spotlight on vaccines highlights the importance of routine immunisation systems and calls to question the preparedness of health systems around the world.

In this online webinar, featuring speakers from Civil Society, Gavi and the WHO, we will identify lessons learnt from strengthening health systems and routine immunisation, reflect on adaptive approaches to maintain routine immunisation during the pandemic and identify the necessary commitments from country partners to achieve equitable access to vaccines against both known and novel pathogens.

The event will be streamed live in English and French and is hosted by Gavi CSO Constituency in partnership with ACTION, Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, PATH, RESULTS UK & Save the Children.

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Addressing the health needs of urban slum dwellers in the context of COVID-19

May 13 @ 9:00am EDT

Expert panelists will include Dr. Jason Corburn of UC Berkeley, Dr. Blessing Mberu of APHRC, Dr. Sathy Rajasekharan of Kuboresha Afya Mitaani, Dr. Yvonne Mugerwa of Kampala MaNe, and Dr. Raz Stevenson of USAID. This webinar will shed light on the impact of COVID-19 on some of the world’s most vulnerable and least understood people as well as offer implications for policy and practice. The Community of Practice aims to foster technical exchange, collaboration, learning, capacity building, and resource mobilization. This webinar is presented by USAID & The Health Research Program’s Urban Health Community of Practice.

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3rd Joint Regional Webinar: Monitoring of continuity of MNH services (Africa)

May 7

See below for the presentations and webinar recording. Learn more about the webinar series.

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International Day of the Midwife 2020: The voices of midwives during the COVID-19 pandemic

May 5

WHO presentation on caring for women and newborns during the COVID-19 pandemic. Hear the voices of midwifery leaders from around the world. Password: IDM@050520

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COVID-19 & newborn health including PSBI scale-up

April 29

What does COVID-19 mean for newborn health in low & middle income countries? We will also discuss what COVID-19 means for scale up of the guideline for possible serious bacterial infection (PSBI) for sick young infants when referral is not feasible. Presented by Dr. Rajiv Bahl, Karen Edmond & Ornella Lincetto (WHO), and Dr. Luwei Pearson (UNICEF).

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Slides presented by Dr. Rajiv Bahl

COVID-19 & MNCH: What’s happening in countries?

April 21

Short inputs from Community of Practice members from Uganda, Nigeria, Nepal, Bangladesh and Brazil answering questions such as: Are women still coming to facilities to attend ANC and deliver? How are health workers adapting MNCH health services and practices? What is happening to attempts to provide Respectful Maternity Care? Are MNCH services suffering with the focus on COVID-19? How are healthcare workers coping? What are the challenges they are facing & what lessons learnt that could be shared? 

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Webinar summary

IPA FIGO – Mother and Newborn Essentials for COVID-19

April 21

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