World Birth Defects Day 2017

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March 3rd 2017 is the 3rd Edition of the World Birth Defects Day (WBDD). The vision for WBDD is to raise birth defects awareness. Birth defects impact millions of families and a sustained focus is needed to support research, prevention, treatment and services.

Birth defects are common, costly, and critical. Worldwide, all countries and their populations are affected by birth defects. To increase global awareness of these conditions and their public health importance, March 3 marks World Birth Defects Day. Twelve international organizations working on birth defects launched the first annual World Birth Defects Day (WBDD) in 2015. The aim of WBDD is to raise awareness of this serious global problem and advocate for increased monitoring of the occurrence of birth defects, research to find causes and improve prevention, and promote care to help children and adults with birth defects improve their quality of life and participation in society. All stakeholders, including individuals with birth defects and their families, the public, governments, nongovernmental and civil society organizations, policymakers, researchers, and health care providers around the world, are encouraged to make this a truly inclusive and wide-reaching global awareness event.

Join the “Participating Organizations” around the world in calling attention to birth defects on WBDD.

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World Health Organization

U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

March of Dimes Foundation

National Birth Defects Prevention Network