Tanzania: Digital health reduces maternal, infant mortality rates in Geita

IPP Media (Tanzania) Tanzania, United Republic of HNN Team

This article was originally published by IPP Media (Tanzania) here. By Felister Peter The use of digital health system in Lake Zone’s Geita region is posed to immensely contribute into reduction of neonatal and maternal mortality, thanks to USAID BoreshaAfya project for increased access to health services, information and improved patient connectivity with skilled health … Continued

Uganda: New Project Cuts Back Child Deaths

Uganda HNN Team

Kampala — A new study has shown a reduction in fresh stillbirths and a drop in newborn mortality rate within 24 hours. The study conducted under: “Saving Lives on the Day of Birth” project equips health workers with the required skills to prevent and respond to postpartum haemorrhage (over bleeding) and birth asphyxia (deprivation of oxygen … Continued

A $20 gadget that can save 70,000 mothers a year

India, Pakistan HNN Team

Using a simple traffic-light system, it can also alert healthcare workers in rural communities when a pregnant woman’s blood pressure is dangerously high – ensuring that she can be moved to hospital for life-saving care.

12 new convening partners join the Global Maternal and Newborn Health Conference 2015

HNN Team

Join the Secretariat of Health of Mexico and 15 other convening partners in Mexico City, October 18 to 21, for a landmark technical conference to discuss strategies for reaching every mother and newborn with high-quality health care.

A New Partnership to Protect Mothers and Newborns in the Midst of the Ebola Outbreak

Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Chad, Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Guinea, Tanzania, United Republic of, Togo HNN Team

Jhpiego is partnering with the Society of African Gynecologists and Obstetricians (SAGO) to expand and reinforce Ebola preparedness training for frontline health workers across West Africa in the event the virus outbreak spreads further in the region.

Indian infant deaths: high but falling steadily

India HNN Team

Public expenditure on health remains woeful, accounting for just 1.2 percent of gross domestic product, according to Paul Vinod from AIIMS hospital in New Delhi.

Pakistan: Maternal, neonatal mortality: Low-cost innovations can save lives

Pakistan HNN Team

Most often the best excuse the government advances for the failure is financial constraint, but there are cost-effective innovations and methods that could help save millions of lives.

Officials of Jhpiego Commend Liberia’s Progress in Fighting Maternal Mortality

Liberia HNN Team

Jhpiego officials met with President Sirleaf to discuss their organization’s 40th anniversary and their maternal and newborn health programs in Liberia.

UNFPA pilots e-learning midwifery education programme in Ghana

Ghana HNN Team

Midwives will soon be using modern innovative technologies to access midwifery education to strengthen their capacity in saving the lives of women during delivery. 

Midwives do more than deliver babies

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Midwives are essential to family planning, preventing HIV transmission and gender-based violence, upholding human rights and saving millions of lives.