Infant, maternal health voices for global hearings

Tanzania, United Republic of

Tanzanians` voices on health issues collected in the run-up to White Ribbon Day will be shared at the Global Citizen Hearing to be held during the World Health Assembly.

India: Mobilizing community support key to good maternal and child health


The White Ribbon Alliance is working with World Vision International, Save the Children and many other partners to organise national and district level citizens’ hearings in at least 30 countries in the first half of 2015.

G7 Call to Action on Health

It is critical that the G7 continue its work on supporting health which is one of the group’s greatest achievements. A number of global NGOs have come together to call on the G7 to take action.

India: Union Govt concerned over 80 per cent mortality among neonatal population caused by pneumonia & diarrhoea


These diseases continue to be leading causes of deaths in the country attributing to about 80 per cent of the overall under-5 mortality, says Dr. Rakesh Kumar, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

World Vision calls for action at World Health Assembly on plan to end preventable newborn deaths

Cameroon, Uganda

World Vision’s WHA side event on Wednesday, 21 May, will bring together global health experts and government ministers to discuss the Every Newborn Action Plan.

Harper: ‘great cause’ of child, maternal health a priority for Canada

The upcoming summit called “Saving Every Woman, Every Child,” will include UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, WHO director-general Margaret Chan, and Melinda Gates among its international participants.

Tanzania: Stakeholders Want Budget Allocation to Health Sector Increased

Tanzania, United Republic of

Child Health Now says that the neonatal mortality rate in Tanzania had been reduced from 32 in 2004 to 26 deaths per 1000 live births by 2010.

Rwanda: Child Health Now campaign launched


The advocacy campaign aims to contribute towards the reduction of the under-five mortality rate in Rwanda.

Afghanistan midwives tackle world’s highest maternal mortality rate


A British GP training midwives in Afghanistan has spoken of the daily challenges facing her team as they work to save the lives of mothers and their children in a remote part of the country.