Road to Durban: The world needs midwives more than ever

Nepal, Afghanistan, Bangladesh

The scene outside the stadium mirrored a celebratory atmosphere as some 1,000 midwives from 103 countries gathered on a warm Durban winter day cheering for a common cause: The world needs more midwives.

Get men in the delivery room, say Bangladesh’s first midwives


One-in-500 women die in childbirth in Bangladesh – with cultural factors as much to blame as a lack of medical care.

Bangladesh: Antenatal care, safe delivery can curb neonatal deaths


Neonatal death can reduce to a great extent by ensuring adequate antenatal care and institutional delivery as the death rate has become a grave concern among the medical personnel and related others.

Bangladesh: Move to reduce neonatal mortality rate


Underprivileged mothers of Titas upaliza in Comilla who had their deliveries and anti-natal care services at health complex or any other health facilities are getting cash incentives and gifts for new born babies.

Iron supplements can reduce infant mortality: study

Bangladesh, China, India, Indonesia

Read about a recent study that investigated the effects of iron supplements on neonatal mortality in developing countries.