Pakistan: Call to keep maternal, child health on priority


Doctors at RMNCH seminar advocate for increased attention to maternal, newborn and child health in Pakistan.  

Groundbreaking Intervention Will Save Infants’ Lives

Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan

The application of chlorhexidine on a newborn’s umbilical cord soon after birth can greatly reduce the risk of infection.

Zulfiqar Bhutta: patriotics and paediatrics


“In my heart of hearts I feel very optimistic”, he says. “Even amongst the conflict and the societal fissures, I see the seeds of social change.” There is certainly no doubting Pakistan’s resilience.

In Asia-Pacific, health poses challenge to 2015 goals

Nepal, Afghanistan, India, Pakistan

A new UN assessment indicates South Asia is underperforming in trying to reduce child mortality and improve maternal health.

Pakistan: Newborns at Increased Risk


 A newborn baby dies every four minutes in Pakistan. It was not always so. With a sound population policy set out in the 1950s, Pakistan was second only to Sri Lanka in infant and neonatal survival rates during the 1960s and 1970s (compared to Bangladesh, India, Iran and Nepal).

Global study finds newborns struggle to survive

Nigeria, China, Democratic Republic of the Congo, India, Pakistan

 Fewer newborn babies are dying worldwide, but progress is too slow and Africa is being left behind, said a global study led by the World Health Organization

Save the Children urges for expanding LHWs services


Save the Children on Wednesday urged to increase the number of Lady Health Workers (LHWs) to expand maternal and child health services in Pakistan

Better nursing can reduce child mortality: experts


Health experts at a seminar said that neonatal, infant as well as child mortality rates could potentially be drastically reduced in Pakistan if mothers began nursing their children within the first hour of birth. 

Inappropriate feeding practices root cause of malnutrition


 The root causes for malnutrition in Pakistan are not only linked to the 2010 floods, but to inappropriate infant and young child feeding practices, including late initiation of breastfeeding, 

Closely spaced pregnancies put maternal, newborn lives at risk


Getting pregnant soon after childbearing, miscarriage or abortion places mothers and newborns at a higher risk of health complications or even death.