Bangladesh issues call to action to end preventable child deaths by 2035


"The rate of neonatal mortality reduction is comparatively slower than the overall under-five child mortality reduction. We need to address this now as 60 percent of child mortality in Bangladesh is due to neonatal mortality.”

Healthy mothers key to newborn survival – experts


Infant and child mortality is declining rather slowly and experts say Uganda may not achieve its Millennium Development Goal target four by 2015.

Skilled Midwives May be the Key to Healthy Babies


At the heart of the problem is the fact that millions of women lack access to a physician or healthcare facility.  

World’s Mothers Report: We Need To Lower Newborn Deaths

Nepal, United States of America

"If we really want to drive down child mortality overall, we have to move that newborn number faster,” says Carolyn Miles, president and CEO of Save the Children. 

India: Maharashtra does little to bring down neonatal deaths


Dr Bang’s model includes training health workers who consistently monitor a woman during pregnancy and provide the necessary medical support at the time of delivery and post-birth. 

Grand Challenges: Innovative ideas for saving lives get a leg up


Grand Challenges Canada announced $10.9 million in seed money to that will part go to help combat newborn infections and prematurity.

Nigeria: Sokoto distributes lifesaving medicines to combat maternal, infant death


The Sokoto State Government distributed chlorhexidine to prevent umbilical cord infections in newborns to all 244 wards in Sokoto State, Nigeria. 

Health Experts Attend Global Conference on Infant Mortality

South Africa

Medical and aid officials gathered in Johannesburg this week for the conference dedicated to developing strategies to save more newborns.  

Simple antiseptic can save newborn lives

Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, South Africa

Chlorhexidine has been around for ages and is often used as an antiseptic, but a number of studies are confirming that this intervention could have a major impact on the high number of newborn deaths in the world and more specifically sub-Saharan Africa.

Health systems failing newborns


Stella Abwao of MCHIP, shared details of a survey in several African countries, which found that there was poor healthworker knowledge of newborn care and management of complications.