Global Conference Stresses Urgent Need to Prioritize the Health of Newborns

South Africa

Leading newborn health experts and government officials are convening this week to address newborn mortality and galvanize the global community to action. 

UN-backed global health conference seeks to save millions of newborns each year

Representatives from 50 countries are participating in the four-day conference which will focus on scaling up low-cost, high-impact interventions that address the three major causes of newborn mortality: prematurity, birth asphyxia and infection.

Saving Newborns

South Africa

South Africa is praised for its fast progress in increasing post-natal survival rates due to HIV programmes, but Lawn warned that this hid the fact that the country’s newborn death rate was “flatlining."   

Roadmap to tackle newborn deaths

Nepal, Bangladesh, Malawi, Rwanda, South Africa

The Global Newborn Action Plan (GNAP) comes as countries make their final push towards the Millennium Development Goals. GNAP is defined as a high-level roadmap that focuses specifically on newborn health.  

Communicating about chlorhexidine cord cleansing key to compliance


It is important to communicate with parents the benefits of cleansing umbilical cords with chlorhexidine, according to study results published online.

Scientists Seek ‘Super Vaccine’ for Newborns

Researchers have discovered a compound that could help protect the health of newborns when they are most vulnerable to infection

China eliminates maternal and neonatal tetanus


 China eliminates maternal and neonatal tetanus

UNICEF holds stakeholders’ meeting on accelerating newborn health care in Ghana


Neonatal deaths, which constitute deaths that occur within the first four weeks of birth, constitute almost half of all deaths in children under the age of five in Ghana.

Bangladesh: Early births can derail newborn deaths cut


Save the Children’s Saving Newborn Lives program report highlights progress in cutting newborn deaths in Bangladesh from 2000-2010.

Save Our Children From Unnecessary Death

Op-ed article by The Namibian columnist Tsudao Gurirab about newborn mortality in Namibia and how health outcomes must be improved.