Breastfeeding rates drop in Nigeria

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Save the Children UK advisor believes the reason for the drop is lack of sustained, continous campaign…

Yemen: Making Pregnancy a Choice, Not a Risk

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Most of those living in Lahej are poor and illiterate, and experience death as often as they bring new life into this world.

Under-utilisation of nurses affects maternal and child health: IIM-A study

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  Role of District Public Health Nurses (DPHNs) in the districts have reduced over the years resulting in their under utilisation, affecting the quality of Maternal and Child Health (MCH) services, a study said.

HEALTH: Addressing Preterm Births Crucial to Anti-Poverty Goals

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Reducing the annual 13 million preterm births and 3.2 million stillbirths should be a global public health priority

Tissue bank to study “invisible” stillbirths

US researchers have begun collecting tissue samples from thousands of pregnant women in an effort to learn what causes stillbirths

When a stillborn is not

IRIN reports on a US-funded study that tracked 120,000 births in rural communities over two years to learn the impact of birth-attendant training on newborn survival. 

PAKISTAN: Community Midwives Gain Recognition But Concerns Remain

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A tremendous investment: $110 million to wipe out maternal and neonatal tetanus

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UNICEF has been selected by Kiwanis International as a finalist for a Worldwide Service Project that could save millions of mothers and their newborn babies..

G8 agenda: Focus on human welfare

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Canada will set out its plans as president of the G8 and host of the G20 Toronto summit in June.