Cell phones help save the lives of mothers, infants and children

 Second Annual mHeath Summit on Nov. 8-10 in Washington, D.C.

Mali, partners launch common strategy on maternal health


Dubbed ‘Reaching each mother and each baby in ICO space by emergency care’, the strategy is designed to, each year, affect about one million women and their babies through prenatal and obstetrical emergency care.

Indonesian ‘Facts for Life’ aims to boost infant, maternal health


The Jakarta Post outlines how the Indonesian government and UNICEF have come together to distribute a guidebook to help improve public awareness of healthy habits and Indonesia’s infant and maternal health indicators.

Minister Oda Announces Call for Proposals for Maternal, Newborn, and Child Health Projects

 "As part of our commitment to the Muskoka Initiative, this Government pledged to draw on Canadians’ expertise and knowledge in maternal and child health," Minister Oda said.

Mother-Baby Pack launched to prevent HIV transmission launched in Kenya


Watch the video and read about the global launch of the Mother-Baby Pack in Kenya, an innovative approach to prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV.

Nursing babies back to health is her passion


After spending 20 years nursing sick newborns back to health, Rekha Kashinath Samant says stories of abandoned babies still tug at her heartstrings.

Neonatal Award winner calls on Minister


The winner of the International Neonatal Excellence Award in Durban, South Africa, Mrs Regina Obeng, yesterday paid a courtesy call on the Minister for Health, Dr. Benjamin Kunbuor in Accra.

Pakistani Mothers, Babies Face Health Risks


PBS follows the Pakistan Medical Association through camps near flood-affected areas in Pakistan to cover the conditions that expectant mothers endure and their infants are born into.

Programme of improvements assures quality in mother and child health across Uzbekistan

UNICEF correspondent Rob McBride reports on a programme of improvements in mother-and-child health introduced by the Uzbek Ministry of Health, the European Commission and UNICEF.

Neonatal nurses receive awards

Christine Otai is a neonatal nurse in Uganda. Nineteen years ago, she helped a woman to give birth but unfortunately the young mother passed away.