Advocates continue to call on all

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Malawi: WRA, Save the Children, Oxfam and Fair Play Africa co-hosted a two day meeting in Lilongwe for health advocates from across Africa to focus on advocacy efforts.

Lancet: Sharp drop in maternal deaths worldwide

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The number of women dying in childbirth worldwide has dropped dramatically, a British medical journal reports, adding that it was pressured to delay its findings until after U.N. meetings this week on public health funding.

Dying: millions of women in childbirth, newborns and young children

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Widespread global use of known and proven maternal and childcare techniques, practices, and therapies could save the lives of millions of women, newborns and children each year, according to a new analysis.

Child Mortality Highlights China’s Urban-Rural Divide

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Pneumonia, birth asphyxia, and pre-term birth complications were the leading causes of death in children under 5, the researchers said in a paper published on Friday in the Lancet.

Melinda Gates: Foundation investing more in mothers and newborns

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The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is boosting its investments in the health of mothers and newborns, which saves lives at a much lower cost than treating diseases later on, Melinda Gates said.

New Research Shows ‘Kangaroo Mother Care’ Reduces Newborn Deaths More than 50 Percent

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Kangaroo Mother Care is one of the most effective ways to save preterm babies, according to a new meta-analysis released today on the effectiveness of this simple, low-cost intervention in which mothers serve as human incubators for their newborns.

Dental care or die?

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Women with gum disease are almost three times more likely to give birth prematurely than those with healthy gums…

Women’s support groups make dramatic improvements on neonatal survival rates

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Women’s support groups make dramatic improvements on neonatal survival rates in India

Nigeria: Academy of Science Presents ‘Science in Action’

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The Nigerian Academy of Science (NAS) last week presented ‘Science in Action’, a report that provides overview of the current status of maternal, newborn and child health in sub-Saharan Africa to the public.

Breastfeeding rates drop in Nigeria

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Save the Children UK advisor believes the reason for the drop is lack of sustained, continous campaign…