FIGO 2012: The FIGO LOGIC Initiative: Working towards better maternal and newborn health

Ethiopia, Nigeria, Nepal, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, India, Mozambique, Uganda HNN Team

 The LOGIC Initiative created by FIGO aims to improve maternal and newborn health policy and practice in eight countries in Africa and South Asia. 

India: Newborn care unit to come up in Gumla district

India HNN Team

New state initiative to add sick newborn care unit (SNCU) to several communities in Indian state of Jharkhand seeks to reduce infant mortality rate.  

Newborn Deaths Expose India’s Low Health Budget

India HNN Team

A year after the Indian government began paying pregnant women to deliver their babies in state-run facilities, the pressure is showing on the country’s understaffed and poorly equipped hospitals.

India: Online system to soon track maternal and infant deaths


The Haryana government will soon have a web-based surveillance system to keep tabs on the maternal deaths and that of infants or yet-to-be born children.

India: GB Pant Hospital Crisis

India HNN Team

Op-Ed – Government needs to upgrade all district hospitals in terms of infrastructure and manpower  

India: Exploring Mobile Data Collection and Maternal Health in Hyderabad

India HNN Team

Two graduate students see opportunities to use mobile data collection to improve antenatal care in India.

India: New mother care concept will help pre-term babies

India HNN Team

Kangaroo mother care is a new concept being practised in some city hospitals. The practice ensures mother’s touch, breastfeeding and bonding for the baby through direct skin-to-skin contact.

In Asia-Pacific, health poses challenge to 2015 goals

Nepal, Afghanistan, India, Pakistan HNN Team

A new UN assessment indicates South Asia is underperforming in trying to reduce child mortality and improve maternal health.

India: Kanpur set for a dubious distinction

India HNN Team

In a recent annual health survey Kanpur is among the leading cities with high maternal, infant and prenatal mortality rates.

WHO lauds Indian scheme to reduce neonatal mortality


In a neonatal health meeting held in Geneva last week, the WHO praised India’s leadership in rolling out the scheme and asked all countries recording high neonatal mortality to introduce similar interventions.