Cell phones help save the lives of mothers, infants and children

 Second Annual mHeath Summit on Nov. 8-10 in Washington, D.C.

Indonesian ‘Facts for Life’ aims to boost infant, maternal health


The Jakarta Post outlines how the Indonesian government and UNICEF have come together to distribute a guidebook to help improve public awareness of healthy habits and Indonesia’s infant and maternal health indicators.

Mother-Baby Pack launched to prevent HIV transmission launched in Kenya


Watch the video and read about the global launch of the Mother-Baby Pack in Kenya, an innovative approach to prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV.

Nepal: Government to Scale-Up Neonatal Care

Nepal HNN Team

With a view to bringing down neonatal mortality rate, the Ministry of Health and Population is scaling up the Community-Based Newborn Care Package (CB-NCP) into 24 districts across the country, mainly targeting neonates, as the infection has been one of the leading causes of them.

Adieu to a friend indeed

Pakistan HNN Team

Question and Answer with Dr. Dr. Khalif Bile Mohamud, who shows the way forward to health in Pakistan.

Makerere takes child mortality fight to the east

Uganda HNN Team

Even after recording a number of deaths at childbirth, the Ugandan government has not done much to address the issue. Now Makerere University School of Public Health is undertaking a survey in Iganga and Mayuge districts to find possible ways of averting the deaths, writes Zahra Abigaba.