Health systems failing newborns

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Stella Abwao of MCHIP, shared details of a survey in several African countries, which found that there was poor healthworker knowledge of newborn care and management of complications.

In Asia-Pacific, health poses challenge to 2015 goals

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A new UN assessment indicates South Asia is underperforming in trying to reduce child mortality and improve maternal health.

Rewarding the Heroic Work of Midwives in Afghanistan

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In mid-December, Maliha walked for five days to reach Faizabad, the capital of Badakhshan, in northeastern Afghanistan, to receive her award as best midwife in the province. She felt proud as she went onstage to be honoured for her work in her community health clinic.

Afghanistan midwives tackle world’s highest maternal mortality rate


A British GP training midwives in Afghanistan has spoken of the daily challenges facing her team as they work to save the lives of mothers and their children in a remote part of the country.

Road to Durban: The world needs midwives more than ever

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The scene outside the stadium mirrored a celebratory atmosphere as some 1,000 midwives from 103 countries gathered on a warm Durban winter day cheering for a common cause: The world needs more midwives.

Delivering safe childbirth in Afghanistan


More women die in childbirth in Afghanistan than anywhere else in the world. Global attention since 9/11 has led to more desperately needed midwives – will that change as troops pull out?

Afghan midwives deliver life-saving birth education


Afghanistan is one of the most dangerous places in the world to have a child. Women face a one-in-11 risk of dying during pregnancy and childbirth, while one in five children dies during or after birth or before the age of five. One initiative is under way to try to make giving birth safer.