Malawi: When Bylaws Prevent Maternal and Newborn Deaths

Malawi HNN Team

“If you walk around the village you will find that each house has a message on it. The idea is to remind ourselves of what we are supposed to do so as to save pregnant women and newborn babies.”

Exclusive Breastfeeding Can Reduce Nigeria’s Burden Of Infant Mortality

Nigeria, Nepal, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Malawi, Rwanda HNN Team

“It is not that women don’t understand the value of breastfeeding. Surveys repeatedly show that new mothers across many countries know that breast is best for babies.”

Johnson & Johnson Partners with Save the Children to Help Millions of Children over the Next 3 Years

Malawi, Uganda HNN Team

The multi-million dollar, multi-year commitment will cover core mission support; program support to improve newborn survival; local activation; and gift-in-kind services.

Premature birth ‘biggest killer’

Malawi HNN Team

Prof Joy Lawn said: “The success we’ve seen in the ongoing fight against infectious diseases demonstrates that we can also be successful if we invest in prevention and care for preterm birth”.

10,000 Happy Birthdays

Malawi, Zambia HNN Team

ICM and Laerdal Global Health joined hands in an effort to help at least 10,000 mothers and newborn babies survive in Malawi and Zambia by the end of 2016 and make 10,000 happy birthdays.

Save the Children Uses World Prematurity Day to Refocus Attention on Newborn Deaths

Ethiopia, Bangladesh, Malawi, Uganda, Kenya HNN Team

Save the Children country offices will join more than 200 non-government organizations, UN agencies, medical and health organizations across the world in participating in the 4th World Prematurity Day (WPD).

Malawi: Government to increase health budget for women, children

Bolivia, Cameroon, Malawi, United States of America

Malawi has committed to increasing financial alocations for the health budget with 30 percent of it to cater for health of women and children.

Finally, neonatal mortality prevention gains attention

Bolivia, Cameroon, India, Malawi, United States of America

All the 194 countries that attended the World Health Assembly last month agreed to a commitment to support and implement measures that would save these lives.

WHO recommends women’s groups to improve maternal and newborn health

Nepal, Bangladesh, India, Malawi HNN Team

The World Health Organisation has recommended an intervention developed and tested by partners in four countries and UCL researchers to improve maternal and newborn health.

World leaders take important step to prevent 3 million newborn deaths

Nigeria, China, Democratic Republic of the Congo, India, Malawi, Pakistan, Rwanda HNN Team

“Progress requires working with other government officials, not to mention the private sector, civil society, religious organizations, and community leaders.”