Nearly 1 million children require urgent humanitarian assistance after Nepal earthquake

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UNICEF is mobilizing staff and emergency supplies to meet the urgent humanitarian needs of children affected by the earthquake, focusing on water and sanitation, nutrition, education and child protection.

Governments can prevent tragic death toll of mothers and babies

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Governments could substantially reduce the tragic death toll of infants and mothers by making postnatal care services more accessible – especially to impoverished and poorly educated women in rural areas, according to a study.

Nepal: Govt to launch campaign to save newborn lives

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According to Adhikari, all ailing newborn babies of up to 28 days will get free treatment from government health facilities throughout the country under the Safe Newborn Program.

Exclusive Breastfeeding Can Reduce Nigeria’s Burden Of Infant Mortality

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“It is not that women don’t understand the value of breastfeeding. Surveys repeatedly show that new mothers across many countries know that breast is best for babies.”

Nepal: Born too soon

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The prevailing fatalistic attitude that exists in Nepal also reflects people’s acceptance that many babies are born to inevitably die.

One group fights to save the lives of thousands of newborns

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An ongoing campaign in Nepal to cut down on the number of newborn deaths is being carried out by thousands of volunteers, aided by the U.S. Development Agency (USAID).

The army of housewives saving Nepal’s newborns

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Volunteers persuade women to use a basic antiseptic gel which they distribute free of charge under an initiative launched three years ago with funding from the US development agency USAID.

Powerful synergies across different sectors improve health of poor women and children

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“These studies revealed that improving people’s health and strengthening health systems required investing in health-enhancing sectors such as education, water and sanitation, social protection, and infrastructure development.”

Nothing beats breastfeeding


It’s not that difficult to guess why the topic of breastfeeding emerges as a matter of discussion in various forums and why it is considered so important, to the extent that Breastfeeding Week is commemorated globally from August 1- 7 every year.

Nepal: Government committed to improving health service

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The government has also expressed commitment to make health service more effective by increasing the number of postings of specialist doctors and increasing the strength of health officials at primary health centres.