UNFPA: In disasters, women are the backbone of resilience – Opinion

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For women in particular, part of being safe during disasters — natural or otherwise — means ensuring safe birth, safety from unintended pregnancy, and safety from violence.

A $20 gadget that can save 70,000 mothers a year

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Using a simple traffic-light system, it can also alert healthcare workers in rural communities when a pregnant woman’s blood pressure is dangerously high – ensuring that she can be moved to hospital for life-saving care.

Workshop on ‘Helping Babies Breathe’ held at LUMHS

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The goal of the HBB initiative is to have at least one person skilled in neonatal resuscitation at the birth of every child.

Pakistan: Maternal, newborn health: ‘Speakers call for research-based action

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Speakers at a two-day seminar stressed on the role of research-based evidence to action beyond 2015 in order to build better policies and practices related to maternal and newborn health in Pakistan.

Saving lives: AKU inaugurates its newly expanded neonatal unit

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With 24 more beds, Aga Khan University Hospital’s (AKUH) expanded Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) opened its doors on Wednesday, enabling the hospital to treat a greater number of critically ill or premature newborn babies.

Save Our Children: Pakistan losing battle against hunger, disease

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“I lost my three children due to lack of neonatal resources, but no one has helped me so far,” said Prem Chandar, 34, who lost his third baby due to malnutrition in the Goth Haryar village of Mithi, Tharparkar, last month.

Top clerics endorse concept of birth spacing

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The clerics unanimously supported the concept of birth spacing as a means to save the lives of mothers and children.

Pakistan tops infant death rate in region

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The Pakistan Medical Association says that unsafe and unhygienic practices during the childbirth and postnatal period drive Pakistan’s high maternal and newborn mortality.

Study: Preterm Birth Complications Leading Cause of Death for Young Children

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The rise in deaths from preterm birth complications actually coincides with a dramatic decline in the worldwide mortality rate of children under five.

Being born too early is now the leading cause of death in young children

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The findings, published in the journal The Lancet, found nearly 1.1 million children died in 2013 as a result of being born prematurely.