Medical charity MSF opens Ebola clinic for pregnant women

Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone HNN Team

Women are particularly vulnerable to a disease spread through direct contact with infected people and with the corpses of victims, because women often care for sick family members, said MSF Field Coordinator, Esperanza Santos.

Ebola Fears in Pregnant Women Reducing Healthcare Use

Sierra Leone HNN Team

Focus group discussions in Sierra Leone suggested that infection prevention and control training would reduce fear among healthcare workers and could help improve women’s confidence in health facility safety.

To boost fight against Ebola and strengthen community-based services for the future, UNICEF raises appeal to US$500 million

Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone HNN Team

UNICEF is accelerating its work in the heart of communities to stop the outbreak, support early isolation of cases, promote more safe burials and raise continued awareness and understanding of the virus and its risks.

India leads in preterm birth complication deaths: Study

Ethiopia, Nigeria, Angola, Bangladesh, China, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Indonesia, Liberia, Pakistan, Sierra Leone, Kenya HNN Team

“We have an epidemic of preterm and newborn deaths that represents one of the greatest health challenges of the 21st century. Two-thirds of these deaths could be prevented without intensive care,” said Francisco.

Ebola may change how aid is spent on healthcare in Africa

Nigeria, Guinea, Liberia, Rwanda, Sierra Leone HNN Team

Experts are now debating whether the funding balance needs to be adjusted to concentrate more on building general health systems in poor countries so they can withstand health crises like Ebola.

Ebola effect reverses gains in maternal, child mortality

Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone HNN Team

When Ebola broke out in Sierra Leone in May, and Liberia in August, the number of births attended by a health professional in Liberia dropped from 52 percent to 38 percent.

A million babies a year die within 24 hours – report

Nigeria, Afghanistan, Guinea-Bissau, Pakistan, Sierra Leone, Somalia HNN Team

Save the Children want governments to issue declarations on ending preventable newborn mortality, and said they would present their action plan to government ministers.

He’ll live to see another day – but one million babies do not, Save The Children study says

Sierra Leone HNN Team

Save the Children wants developing countries to increase health expenditure to the World Health Organisation minimum of £40 per person and remove all fees for maternity and newborn care.

Ghana: Workshop on maternal and newborn health ends in Accra

Nigeria, Ghana, Malawi, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, United Republic of HNN Team

“Ultimately we want to save lives and we cannot save mothers and babies by just talking about it.”

UN partners with African nations to boost girls’ access to reproductive health services

Ethiopia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Mozambique, Niger, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, United Republic of HNN Team

The announcement came on Friday at the International Conference on Maternal, Newborn and Child Health in Africa, held in Johannesburg, South Africa.