Invisible children: birth registration is a prerequisite for equality

Nigeria, Bangladesh, Brazil, Cambodia, India, Mozambique, Pakistan, South Africa, Tanzania, United Republic of, Uganda, Vietnam

More than a third of children are not registered at birth, making it difficult for them to contribute to economic, social and political life. Could a new governance indicator bring change?

WHO urges continued action to reduce child and maternal deaths

Cambodia, Laos People’s Democratic Republic, Philippines, Vietnam

It is aimed at strengthening the health system to cultivate an enabling environment where skilled providers of newborn care value and practice Early Essential Newborn Care (EENC) at every birth.

Sharp fall in breastfeeding figures makes Asia Pacific “biggest cause for concern” – report

Bangladesh, China, Indonesia, Pakistan, Philippines, Vietnam

But countries such as India, China, Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam “have made no progress on improving exclusive breastfeeding, despite having some of the highest burdens of child mortality,” said the report.    

Sex of newborn associated with place and mode of delivery; a population-based study in northern Vietnam


 A recent study published in Gender Medicine show evidence of sex discrimination at delivery, influencing place and mode of delviery.