Zambia behind on child health MDG – Katema

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Newborn health continues to be incorporated with maternal and child health say the Minister of Community Development, Mother and Child Health.

Global Fund Results Show Dramatic Gains

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In the first half of 2013, the number of pregnant women living with HIV who have received a complete course of ARV therapy to prevent transmission to their unborn children under programs supported by the Global Fund grew from 1.7 to 2.1 million.

Zambia: Newborn health care boosted

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In a bid to prioritize maternal, newborn and child health the government has launched the Newborn Health Scale-up Frame.

Plastic Bags to Keep Premature Babies Warm

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The skin of premature babies is very thin, and water evaporates quickly through it, sometimes leading to life-threatening heat loss, especially in a poor country where heat on neonatal wards can be unsteady.

Exclusive, Extended Breastfeeding Lowers Mother-to-Infant HIV Risk

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A new study has found that HIV-infected mothers are less likely to transmit the virus to their newborns if they breastfeed their child exclusively for more than four months. The findings have important implications in sub-Saharan Africa.  

Improving Maternal and Newborn Health in Africa One “Champion” at a Time

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 MCHIP discusses Madagascar’s approach to Maternal and Newborn Health.

Braving Birth: Zambian women forced to deliver at home

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Giving birth in a safe environment assisted by a skilled health worker is still a luxury many Zambian women have to do without. And delivery at home can have deadly consequences.

ZAMBIA: Pregnant women ignore killer malaria


For her first pregnancy, Kezia Banda did not like the idea of taking sulfdoxine pyremethanine, known by the brand name Fansidar, the recommended drug to protect her against malaria. The longer time she needs to complete a full dose of the malaria course puts her off. 

Mother-Baby Pack update: More efforts needed to prevent mother-to-child transmission of HIV

Cameroon, Lesotho, Zambia, Kenya

For the last few years, UNICEF has been working with partners on an innovation to address issues related to HIV/AIDS and PMTCT – the Mother-Baby Pack.

Study finds simple interventions reduce newborn deaths in Africa


Training community birth attendants in rural Zambia in a simple newborn resuscitation protocol reduced neonatal deaths by nearly 50 percent – a finding that shows high potential to save lives in similar remote settings.