Webinar: Helping Babies Breathe catalyzing Helping Babies Survive

Ethiopia, Nigeria, India HNN Team

This webinar will analyze lessons learned from a Global Development Alliance and its future plans.

Countries taking bold steps to end preventable newborn deaths within a generation; framework for ending maternal mortality released

Ethiopia, Nigeria, Chad, China, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Guinea-Bissau, Lesotho, Mali, Pakistan, Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe HNN Team

Countries are taking bold steps to end preventable newborn deaths within a generation. Additionally, a framework for ending maternal mortality has been released.

India: Haryana prepares action plan to reduce Infant Mortality Rate in state

India HNN Team

The Haryana Newborn Action Plan will be prepared with the help of experts, and gaps in services including manpower, equipment, medicines and skill will be identified and addressed.

‘Helping Babies Survive’, new survival package for Asian countries launched in Bangladesh

Bangladesh HNN Team

Leading experts, government officials, representatives from the UN agencies and USAID have rolled out a new newborn survival package for the Asian countries in Dhaka.

Oral Antibiotics Are Found to Save More Infant Lives

Nigeria, Bangladesh, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Pakistan, Kenya HNN Team

“These results should provide a sound basis for policy makers and experts to now empower and train staff at first-level outpatient units and to ensure proper drugs and equipment are available,” said Dr. Steve Wall, an adviser to Save the Children.

Simplified Antibiotic Treatment Strategy Could Save Thousands of Babies

Nigeria, Bangladesh, Democratic Republic of the Congo, India, Kenya HNN Team

Now, new, more accessible drug regimens – combining oral and injectable antibiotics – given in outpatient settings appear to be just as effective as hospital care.

Babies with clinically suspected serious infections can be safely and effectively treated outside hospital

HNN Team

In light of these findings, WHO guidelines on the management of newborns and young infants with PSBIs should be modified, say the authors.

Simpler Antibiotic Regimen Helps Sick Babies in Developing Nations

HNN Team

Many parents in developing nations can’t afford, or don’t have access to, such hospital care. Some refuse to take their children to the hospital, or aren’t willing to adhere to the antibiotic injection program, the researchers said.

WHO called to change infant infection guidelines

Nigeria, Bangladesh, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kenya HNN Team

In disadvantaged areas, many children never reach hospital and around 60% of parents refuse hospital treatment for young infants or are unwilling to adhere to treatment regimens of injectable antibiotics.

12 new convening partners join the Global Maternal and Newborn Health Conference 2015

HNN Team

Join the Secretariat of Health of Mexico and 15 other convening partners in Mexico City, October 18 to 21, for a landmark technical conference to discuss strategies for reaching every mother and newborn with high-quality health care.