India: 1,000-day drive to monitor health of mother, child

India HNN Team

New program in Maharastra aims to monitor and improve the health of women and babies from the time of conception until the baby is two years old.  

Ghana launches MamaYe campaign to further promote maternal and newborn health

Ghana HNN Team

The campaign, which will focus on improving training and supervision of maternal and newborn health care, seeks to transform the resigned social acceptance of death in pregnancy and childbirth.

Preemie returns to Fort Worth hospital to celebrate 18th birthday

United States of America

Kate McCasland returns to the hospital that saved her life as a premature baby. 

Under-five child deaths still high in Malawi

Malawi HNN Team

Despite being on track to meet MDG4, more women need to be visiting antenatal care facilities in the first trimester. 

Pakistan: Call to keep maternal, child health on priority

Pakistan HNN Team

Doctors at RMNCH seminar advocate for increased attention to maternal, newborn and child health in Pakistan.  

Study: Communication with Moms of Critically Ill Infants Needs Improvement

United States of America HNN Team

New study finds that miscommunication was common between clinicians and new mothers and can hamper critical short -term and long-term treatment decisions.

India: Newborn care unit to come up in Gumla district

India HNN Team

New state initiative to add sick newborn care unit (SNCU) to several communities in Indian state of Jharkhand seeks to reduce infant mortality rate.  

Bangladesh: Deaths of newborn babies a big concern

Bangladesh HNN Team

 83,000 die each year, experts tell The Daily Star-Save the Children roundtable. 

New Partnership Brings Key Leaders in Maternal, Newborn and Child Health Together to Improve Quality of Care in Low-Income Countries

HNN Team

Survive and Thrive launched to improve survival rates for women and children around the world.

Uganda: Reduce death of newborn babies

Uganda HNN Team

Save the Children has commissioned a three year project to cost sh750 million to be implemented in partnership to reduce the death of newborn babies in Uganda.