Kenya: Babies Miss Out On TB Immunization

Kenya HNN Team

Thousands of infants born in remote northern parts of Kenya in the past six weeks risk contracting tuberculosis (TB) due to a vaccine shortage.

Nigeria: Jonathan promises high-level advocacy to improve maternal, child health

Nigeria HNN Team

President aims for increased access to essential supplies for maternal, newborn and child health.

Malawi: Project reduces maternal deaths

Malawi HNN Team

Community Based Maternal Neonatal Care Programme has reduced maternal and neonatal deaths in Dowa, Malawi implementers of the project said.

WHO lauds Indian scheme to reduce neonatal mortality


In a neonatal health meeting held in Geneva last week, the WHO praised India’s leadership in rolling out the scheme and asked all countries recording high neonatal mortality to introduce similar interventions.

Workshop For Midwives, TBAs Held In Accra

Ghana HNN Team

Participants were taken through some topics such as the role of midwives in assisting safe pregnancy, delivery and post delivery care for improved maternal healthcare outcomes.

Laboring conditions improving in Tibet


In Tibet, more and more women came to give their childbirth at hospital thanks to a new policy offering free treatment for to-be mothers in farming and pastoral areas. Pregnancy check-up and baby delivery is free of charge in county-level hospitals in Tibet.

Embrace Infant Warmer Could Save Thousands

Read about how four Stanford students invented a cost-effective, easy-to-use device that quickly regulates baby body temperature for LBW infants in the developing world.

Newborns’ mortality rate reduced by 23 percent


The USAID-funded PAIMAN Project saved more than 30,000 newborn babies by reducing neonatal mortality by 23 percent through a replicable model of interventions.

Indonesian ‘Facts for Life’ aims to boost infant, maternal health


The Jakarta Post outlines how the Indonesian government and UNICEF have come together to distribute a guidebook to help improve public awareness of healthy habits and Indonesia’s infant and maternal health indicators.

Pakistani Mothers, Babies Face Health Risks


PBS follows the Pakistan Medical Association through camps near flood-affected areas in Pakistan to cover the conditions that expectant mothers endure and their infants are born into.