Preemies’ Brains Reap Long-Term Benefits from Kangaroo Mother Care

New study reveals very premature infants who benefited from KMC had better brain functioning in adolescence — comparable to that of adolescents born at term — than did premature infants placed in incubators.

Global child mortality rate declines: UN

HNN Team

The global mortality rate for young children has been nearly halved in the past two decades, but Africa and South Asia have not kept pace, the United Nations said.  

Seattle summit addresses global crisis of preterm birth

 Leaders of prominent, international philanthropic and research organizations are convening in Seattle July 14-16 to address the global crisis of preterm birth and develop an action roadmap of research priorities and opportunities.

UNICEF holds stakeholders’ meeting on accelerating newborn health care in Ghana

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Neonatal deaths, which constitute deaths that occur within the first four weeks of birth, constitute almost half of all deaths in children under the age of five in Ghana.

Indonesia struggles with too many premature births

Indonesia HNN Team

A recent multi-agency report ranked Indonesia among 10 countries worldwide with the highest number of pre-term births.

Preterm birth: an emerging threat to newborn survival

Bangladesh HNN Team

Preterm birth complications are now the leading cause of death in newborns and accounts for 45% of all newborn deaths in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh: Deaths of newborn babies a big concern

Bangladesh HNN Team

 83,000 die each year, experts tell The Daily Star-Save the Children roundtable. 

Bangladesh: Early births can derail newborn deaths cut

Bangladesh HNN Team

Save the Children’s Saving Newborn Lives program report highlights progress in cutting newborn deaths in Bangladesh from 2000-2010.

Zulfiqar Bhutta: patriotics and paediatrics

Pakistan HNN Team

“In my heart of hearts I feel very optimistic”, he says. “Even amongst the conflict and the societal fissures, I see the seeds of social change.” There is certainly no doubting Pakistan’s resilience.

Uganda: Reduce death of newborn babies

Uganda HNN Team

Save the Children has commissioned a three year project to cost sh750 million to be implemented in partnership to reduce the death of newborn babies in Uganda.