New Zealand records drop in perinatal mortality

HNN Team

"It’s extremely encouraging to see a reduction for the first time in the number of babies who are dying during labour and dying from insufficient oxygen around the time of birth," said PMMRC chair Professor Cynthia Farquhar.??

Maternal and child health: Achieving MDGs a distant dream for Pakistan

Pakistan HNN Team

To reduce under-five mortality rate, there is a need for huge investment in health services for pregnant women and the newborn baby, including the prevention of preterm births and stillbirths and scale-up of effective low-cost interventions, it stated. 

UNFPA pilots e-learning midwifery education programme in Ghana

Ghana HNN Team

Midwives will soon be using modern innovative technologies to access midwifery education to strengthen their capacity in saving the lives of women during delivery. 

India: Women’s groups key to maternal, child health

India HNN Team

In a new study published in The Lancet, it was shown that women’s groups can dramatically reduce the number of maternal and newborn deaths. 

In Sierra Leone, First Lady Launches “MamaYe” Campaign

Sierra Leone HNN Team

She said the campaign will be acting as a catalyst for change in issues surrounding maternal and newborn deaths, adding that the key activities of the MamaYe campaign are to build the capacity to track health and maternal and newborn health and also the flow of finance. 

India: J&K Minister stresses on reducing NMR

India HNN Team

"There is a need for reducing NMR in the state by taking concrete health care measures," the minister said. 

Phase 2 of HSS Grant in Ethiopia Will Focus on Strengthening the Health Workforce

Ethiopia HNN Team

HEWs account for 47% of the health workforce in Ethiopia and are involved in delivering a basic package of health and nutritional services, and promoting hygiene and sanitation.

India: Baby warmers help newborns at ICH

India HNN Team

Prolonged hypothermia, say for two hours, during surgery, could delay recovery of the newborn. 

EU grant to Nigeria targets maternal and newborn health

Nigeria HNN Team

the EU ambassador to Nigeria said the maternal and newborn health support programme would "help in improving the health status of women and children through an enhanced and sustainable primary healthcare delivery system."

India: Special unit for newborns

India HNN Team

Intensive newborn care facilities for resuscitation and management for sick newborns will be opened in 59 government hospitals.